"COVE" project for foreign students

COVE: Enhancing Collaborative Virtual Education in an Emergency Context

"COVE" project is a virtual mobility project for foreign students, additional to Erasmus+ and Overworld mobility projects. The project allows students to attend on-line classes and gain formative credits at the University of Parma. 


Who can apply:  students enrolled at Partner(*) University.

Why: to attend online lessons and gain formative credits.

When: in the 1st semester of A.Y. 2020/21 (October 2020 - January 2021).

How: writing an email to our address


(*) Partner Universities are the Universities with whom Parma University has an exchange agreement (see the list)


For any further information, please contact our delegate for European and International exchanges Prof. Leonardo Biliotti ( and Prof. Fiorenza Morini (

List of available courses

Analisi Matematica 3 1005563, LT IT/EN

Architettura degli elaborati 13598, LT, IT/EN

Fondamenti dell’informatica 07581, IT

Geometria 3 1001038, LT, IT

Ingegneria del software 06015, LT, IT

Matematica Finanziaria 16785, LT,  IT

Matematiche complementari 1001068, LT, IT/EN


Analisi superiore 1 19052, LM  IT/EN

Basi di Dati 09178, LM, IT

Didattica della Matematica 1007189, LM, IT

Didattica della Matematica delle scuole secondarie 1008800, LM, IT

Finanza Matematica 1005959, LM, IT

Geometria classica 14879, LM, IT

Geometria da un punto di vista superiore 1007185, LM, IT

Geometria superiore 1 18873, LM, IT

Information Theory 1005249, LM, IT/EN

Istituzioni di Probabilità 1008690, LM, IT/EN

Matematica Numerica 1001072, LM, IT

Teoria dei numeri 1001172, LM, IT/EN


LT = First Cycle Degree in Mathematics
LM = Master Degree in Mathematics
IT/EN = the primary language of the course is Italian, but it can be in English if all students agree.
EN = the primary language of the course is English.